Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy


Fotostall provides cancellation & refund as per the terms below.


Immediate Cancellation


Once you are registered and paid to be a member of fotostall, and if you have not done trade on your login page, You can ask for complete withdrawal within 12 hours of payment . In case of AUTO-TRADE, you will not be able to withdraw. AUTO-TRADE system will be activated by the fotostall team as per their discretion. When the system goes on AUTO-TRADE mode, your funds get blocked and you will be able to get a refund only in KIND, and not in cash/online transfer of money/currency.


Cancellation of Active ID


If you wish to cancel an active ID, you can cancel and withdraw your funds. In case of such cancellations, a fee of Rs. 500/- will be deducted and the remaining amount from your wallet will be given back to you in your registered account with 15 days of such cancellation. If you wish to create an ID again, with the same credentials, you will be required to register again.


KIND Refund of registration charges – in case of unsold ARTISTRY


E-Stall of Fotostall comes with a unique 100% guaranteed trade, which means, if your product does not get sold on our platform, You will get full refund of the E-Stall charges (registration fees ), in kind. Note that, the refund related to the E-Stall charges only and is not valid for your ARTISTRY. The “Kind” refund comes with a product of your choice. You are given a range of products to choose from, whose market price is equal or more than your registration charges. Therefore, you are completely safe and covered with “Zero Loss Guarantee” in